Recognize the benefits of office and computer lenses

working at computerFor those eye care patients who spend more than two hours a day on computers, it is likely that they will have some degree of computer vision syndrome (CVS). Symptoms include: headaches, dry eye, focus loss, double vision, blurred vision, burning eyes, light sensitivity and fatigue. According to the AOA, “In most cases, symptoms occur because the visual demands of the task exceed the visual abilities of the individual to comfortably perform the task.”

Robertson Optical encourages ECPs to talk to their patients about how specially prescribed computer lenses can reduce eye strain and other symptoms of CVS.

Computer glasses will make patients more comfortable at their computers, thus more productive. Even if patients have not stated that they experience discomfort or symptoms of CVS, the benefits of computer lenses could prevent them from future problems. A study at the University of Alabama School of Optometry found that computer users not experiencing CVS may still benefit from computer glasses.

ECPs who educate their patients about computer lenses can not only help to improve their patients’ vision, but can also provide an excellent source of revenue for their practice.

Almost any style of frame can be used for computer lenses. Robertson offers an abundance of computer lenses. Some popular product lines include: Workstation, TechVue DES, Zeiss Business, Sola Access, Zeiss RD, Office by Shamir and Office Freeform Digital.

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