Be amazed by our in-house digital free-form surfacing ...and the revolutionary lenses it produces!

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Free-Form Lenses

Free-form technology is the most advanced optical lens manufacturing process that can reduce higher-order aberrations such as aspherical aberration that can occur in ophthalmic lenses processed with traditional manufacturing equipment. 

High-definition free-form ophthalmic lenses are fabricated utilizing software controlled surfacing equipment that produces lenses that are customized to each wearer’s eyeglass prescription. Free-form lens technology can surface ophthalmic lenses in prescribed power increments of 0.01 diopter, compared to ophthalmic lenses processed with traditional lens manufacturing equipment which surfaces lenses in 0.25 diopter increments.

Additionally free-form lenses incorporate:

  • Fitting heights that allows the ability to customize the intermediate and near corridors lengths based on the patients visual demands
  • Compensation technology that optimizes the Rx of each patient maximizing the visual fields
  • Integration of Position of Wear technology that tailors each patient’s lenses based on their unique frame selection.


Why are ECPs bragging about our in-house digital free-form surfacing?

It’s as simple as A B C…


Amazing Results

Robertson Optical Labs’ unparalleled surfacing technology rapidly produces the most advanced free-form optical lenses available: customized backside progressives, double-aspheric lenses and other remarkable products. Your patients will experience wider viewing zones, less distortions and improved clarity in every direction. Amazing!

Best Service

With free-form, expect the same high level of expertise and customer service Robertson has delivered for 58 years. And because our digital surfacing is now in-house, expect faster turn-around for free-form lenses. With Robertson, expect the best.

Customized Lenses

Through our cutting-edge technology, lenses are fabricated and tailored to fit each individual’s Rx, frame, shape and size.


Awesome Viewing

Free-form features aspheric and atoric designs resulting in thinner, lighter lenses and more defined vision than standard lenses. Our amazing technology reduces overall distortion, provides wider fields of view and produces a truly personalized pair of lenses for each individual. Patients have commented, “Wow, these are awesome!”

Better Quality

By integrating Robertson’s digital surfacing technology, specially-trained free-form technicians and leading designs by manufacturers, the patient will receive the highest quality of sustainable, customized lenses in the market.

Crisper, Fuller Vision

For the patient, the result is sharper, more precise, edge-to-edge vision. Virtually, clearer vision in every viewing zone.

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