Produced by Robertson Optical In-house

Ideal for Computer, Tablet and Desktop Use! 

Robertson Optical Labs’ Cozē Office Freeform lenses provide clear, wide reading areas and intermediate power for patients who use computers and drafting tables, and conduct other tasks that require the patients to routinely use their intermediate and reading vision functions.

“Thanks to our digital design of Cozē Office Freeform, patients will enjoy clear vision in the middle and near reading zones,” said Mike Fussell, sales and customer service manager of Robertson Optical Laboratories of Atlanta. “Thus, they will experience less eye strain when wearing these new lenses.”

Today, individuals are constantly challenged with needing to switch back and forth from up close reading to intermediate viewing of computers, machinery, equipment and other items.

Cozē Office Freeform provides a solution that offers very crisp, clear and broad viewing zones. Over the past few years, ECPs having been increasingly ordering other Cozē lenses, which include Cozē Soft, Cozē HDW, Cozē SV, Cozē ADL and Cozē Wrap. These personalized lenses will exceed the performance of conventional premium progressives and at a lower price.

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