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In 1958, the founders of Robertson Optical Laboratories had a vision.
Today that vision continues...

For 57 years, Robertson Optical's vision has been to provide eyecare professionals and their patients with the utmost quality in lenses, eyewear, craftsmanship and service. As a result, Robertson has witnessed remarkable growth, now ranking 7th in Vision Monday's Top Independent Wholesale Labs*. Eyewear fashions have changed through the years, but Robertson's quality has remained unsurpassed. As our vision continues, contact one of our labs to experience this impeccable quality.

Robertson offers three full-service, state-of-the-art wholesale labs serving the entire U.S. The labs are located in Atlanta (Loganville), GA; Columbia, SC; and Greenville, SC. Robertson Optical was founded in 1958 as a family-owned business by Jack Robertson, Calvin Robertson, Jr. and Richard Robertson. Although it has grown to be the seventh largest independent wholesale optical lab in the nation, Robertson Optical continues to offer the same individual, personalized attention to customers that contributed to its success as a small business in its early years. Robertson continues to adhere to its motto, "It's a pleasure to please you."

* "Special Report: “Top Labs VM 2014: The Top 25 Independent Labs in 2014…" Vision Monday, September 15, 2014