SC Mission 2010

Published August 2010


“SC Mission 2010 will provide free dental and eye care to Greenville residents at the Carolina First Center on August 5-6.

SC Mission 2010, consisting of Access Health SC and the SC Hospital Association working with Dental Access Days (DAD) and South Carolina Optometric Physicians Association (SCOPA), hopes to accomplish two main goals:

1. Meet immediate healthcare needs

2. Link patients to a medical home and follow-up care.

According to Mayor Keith Sumney during 2009 DAD in North Charleston, “In today’s economic climate there are so many people that are struggling and have lost their job. Today we are making people healthier and by doing that we’re making their lives a little better.”

Eye Care

The South Carolina Optometric Physicians Association (SCOPA) will provide free vision services at the Carolina First Center Friday, August 6 from 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Patients will be seen in the order they arrive. After filling out a brief medical history, patients will be examined. Patients will receive free comprehensive vision exams.

Robertson Optical in partnership with SCOPA will provide glasses for a fee of $35.

A minimum of 50 volunteers, including ODs and technicians, will be needed to provide eye care services, according to SCOPA.

If you are interested in volunteering with SCOPA, fill out the volunteer form here.

Additional questions about volunteering for vision services can be directed to Dr. Peter Candela at, Dr. Michelle Cooper at or the SCOPA office at

By Hannah Jenkins