ECPs Continue to Express High Satisfaction with Robertson’s VISTA Lenses

Robertson Optical’s VISTA technology ranks among leading innovators in quality digital, free-form lens production. Products include:


These 100% back-surface designs offer:

  • edge-to-edge, wider fields of vision
  • optics closer to the eye
  • a spherical front free of distortions
  • customized to each patients RX, vertex and frames



These hard designs for progressive wearers feature:

  • Lens that combines wide distance and extra wide reading area
  • No front surface distortions due to exact spherical curve
  • Placing optics on the back closer to the eye expands intermediate and near vision
  • Expansion of intermediate and near vision due optics placement on the back and closer to the eye
  • Advance aspheric compensation in the intermediate and near zones



        These occupational lenses with soft designs are: 

  • Ideal for people frequently viewing desktop computers
  • The lens’ soft design combined with innovative VISTA technology control the lens power in a very precise and exact fashion, thus creating a smooth transition for patients switching to and from desktop computers and other occupational tasks.

ECPs wanting patients to experience the many visual health benefits of VISTA’s cutting edge technology should contact Robertson Optical representatives.

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