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Branded PAL Design Availability


Seiko surmount lensesSEIKO Surmount (Best)
Advanced, Dual Patented 100% Internal Free-Form Technology:

  • SEIKO Surmount – Soft design with the best vision in all zones
  • SEIKO Surmount WS – Hard design for wider viewing zones
  • Convex add curve on back surface for slimmer plus Rx’s
  • Ideal for difficult Rx’s with very high sphere, cylinder, adds, and or prism
  • Variable inset based on distance Rx, PD, and customized near reading distance
  • As-Worn technology allows for fully compensated measured power throughout
  • Multi-polar Astigmatic correction improves panoramic vision and image stability

Multi-polar astigmatic correction manages unwanted cylinder in all meridians, creating a balanced progressive design that increases wearer comfort. It takes into account the three-dimensional orientation of the eye and its axis of rotation and provides proper eye to lens alignment in all directions. This significantly improves panoramic vision and image stability.

Seiko Supernal LensesSEIKO Supernal (Better)

  • A better choice for all wearers, combines soft and hard design technology
  • Developed using the new 3D Virtual Reality System for realistic simulation evaluation
  • Non-linear corridor expands vision around the fitting point by 50%
  • Automatic semi-variable inset based on total Rx
  • Advanced aspheric compensation throughout improves clarity and visual comfort
  • Multi-polar Astigmatic correction improves panoramic vision and image stability
  • Minimum fitting height: 14mm

Seiko Superceded IISEIKO Supercede II (Good)

  • Universal blended design provides wide distance and extra wide reading area
  • Perfect spherical curve eliminates front surface distortion
  • Placing optics on the back closer to the eye expands intermediate and near vision
  • Advanced aspheric compensation in the intermediate and near zones
  • Minimum fitting height: 14mm

Advanced aspheric compensation optimizes the optical performance of the lens in the as-worn position, and virtually eliminates marginal astigmatism and power error caused by variations in eye rotation, pantoscopic tilt and vertex distance.

Seiko Succeed LensesSEIKO Succeed, Succeed Ws (Standard)

  • SEIKO Succeed – Super soft design for first time PAL wearers
  • SEIKO Succeed Ws – Hard design for seasoned PAL wearers
  • “Ws” designs are best suited for smaller “B” measurement frame styles.

The original design technology, these 100% back surface designs offer a distortion free spherical front, wider fields of vision with optics closer to the eye and customized Rx’s for each patient.


SEIKO 1.67 Proceed

Seiko Proceed lensesSeiko’s 1.67 Proceed III SUPER SHORT and Proceed II lenses are fully aspheric and asymmetric progressive addition lenses (PAL). They combine proven technology to minimize unwanted astigmatism, power error and distortion. Proceed lenses provide a generous wide-angle viewing area and superior optics, with a 12mm corridor in Proceed III SUPER SHORT, and 14mm corridor in Proceed II.

Other Popular Lenses by Seiko:

Seiko Super MV lensesSEIKO Super MV 1.67 Single Vision Free-form

  • Thinner and lighter with flatter base curves on both sides.
  • Comparable to 1.74 index lenses.
  • Back surface free-form compensation virtually eliminate power errors, distortion and marginal astigmatism.
  • Improved optics over all other single vision lenses with the widest peripheral vision.
  • Ideal for difficult Rx’s especially high cylinder.

The worlds first double-sided aspheric design technology from SEIKO provides the highest optical performance in a lens that is lighter, thinner and more comfortable than conventional spherical and aspheric designs.


SEIKO High Index 1.67 Super SV

Seiko high index lensesSeiko finished and semifinished 1.67 Super SV lenses are the most technologically advanced single vision lenses available. They are based on Seiko’s dual-patented MX aspheric low-base design, and manufactured using high index MR-10 resin. MR-10 is less sensitive to heat and does not readily contract or expand—factors that can lead to warping and coating deterioration. The manufacturing process uses individually surfaced production molds utilizing Seiko’s digitally precise Free-From optical technology.


Seiko PC Wide lensesSEIKO PCWide lenses are a new generation of free-form occupational lenses designed for people who spend most of their work time in a desktop environment. Their 100% back-surface design offers several advantages over single vision and progressive lenses. They are an ideal choice for those who desire the most comfortable vision and highest level of optical quality, especially when spending long hours on a computer or when reading or working up close. They are available in a variety of materials and coatings to further enhance their appeal.

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