Carl Zeiss Vision AR Coatings

Produced by Robertson Optical In-House


Zeiss TeflonTeflon® Clear Coat Lenses are the result of a unique partnership between two innovative companies: DuPont, the world leader in performance coatings, and Carl Zeiss, the inventor of AR. This Partnership has now pushed the boundaries of AR technology even further with the development of more advanced, improved Teflon® Clear Coat Lenses.

Carat Advantage®

Zeiss CaratSomeone had to take anti-reflective coating to the next level. Who better than the company that invented it? For more than 160 years, Carl Zeiss advanced innovation and German technology has been the top choice of the world s leading doctors, researchers, and engineers. Now, this same innovation and technology has produced the worlds most advanced coating Carat Advantage. Carat Advantage is the best choice for those who don’t want anything to get in the way of perfect vision.


Zeiss Super ET

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