Robertson’s Royal AR Coatings Protect from UV and HEV Blue Light
Vision Monday

Published November 2013


ATLANTA, Ga.—Amid rising concern over the dangers of exposure to ultraviolet radiation and HEV blue light, Robertson Optical is introducing Royal AR, a new line of anti-reflective coatings that protect the eyes by reflecting this potentially harmful spectrum of light.

All of Robertson’s new Royal AR coatings include easy-to-clean super hydro or hydrophobic top coats and anti-static properties. The coatings, which are highly resistant to scratching, feature double hard coats and include non-slip grip pads for easy edging. The line consists of four coatings: RB Tech AR/UVR/HEV, Royal Elite AR/UVR, Royal Gard AR/UVR, and Royal UltraClean AR/UVR.

The RB Tech AR/UVR/HEV coating offers protection from backside UV reflections plus up to 95 percent reduction in HEV light. This coating is identified by its pleasing skin tone color. Also, as an integral part of the coating, the UV reflector reduces the amount of UV that reflects off the back of the lens that normally enters the eye.

When ultraviolet rays hit the back of an AR coating, a percentage of UV is not absorbed by the lens. Instead, the UV is amplified by as much as 15 percent and is directed into the eye. In addition to blocking HEV light the UV reflector reduces the amplified UV to just 1 percent, thus offering the patient maximum protection from damaging UV.

The UVR reflectors on the market are only effective on lenses with built-in UV absorption properties. Plastic lenses only absorb about 80 percent of the ultraviolet rays; therefore, Robertson recommends that for maximum protection all patients wear Trivex, Transitions 1.50, Poly, 1.60 or 1.67 materials.

Royal Elite AR/UVR, Royal Gard AR/UVR and Royal UltraClean AR/UVR feature the UVR reflector but without the HEV protection.

By Andrew Karp