Produced by Robertson Optical’s In-House Digital Surfacing Technology

Proprietary technologies like Vision First Design® are the foundation of what makes KODAK Progressive Lens designs different from other digitally-produced lenses.

In the development of Vision First Design Technology the traditional design methodology is reversed.  Instead of calculating the lens surface and then measuring the results, Signet Armorlite designers started by defining the optical properties that constitute superb vision and let those calculations determine the corresponding lens surface.  As a result, Vision First Design Technology offers:

  • A broad field of view in a clear distance area
  • Smooth gradation of power across the surface of the lens to ease patient adaptation
  • Gentle binocular balance for quick, clear object recognition
  • Visual quality often compared to a single vision lens

Although there are several KODAK digitally-produced products that are offered by Robertson, the following are the ones produced by Robertson’s in-house digital surfacing lab:



KODAK Unique Lenses

kodak-download-01Digitally-created full-backside progressive now includes i-Sync® Technology for increased clarity in the peripheral areas of the lens and reduced distortion to the lens edge.  KODAK Unique Lenses are available in a large array of lens materials and six corridor lengths for convenient and efficient dispensing.  Advanced variable decentration techniques applied to the KODAK Unique Lens design provide thin lenses for appealing eyewear.

You choose or a software program selects from six corridor lengths based on the patient’s frame shape, monocular PD and fitting height.  This ensures excellent visual performance for nearly any B measurement, large or very small.  Once the corridor length is selected, diamond-tip high-speed cutting and integrated digital surfacing transfers the selected progressive design onto the backside of the lens blank.

KODAK Precise PB Lenses

kodak-practice-plusAward-winning lens design applied digitally to the backside of a lens blank.  The wide near zone is perfectly placed to promote natural head and eye movement for up-close activities.  This gives presbyopes the reading power they need, where they need it most.  The intermediate zone transitions smoothly between distance and near while providing clear mid-range vision.  The distance area is large and provides excellent optics.  For small fashion frames, use KODAK Precise Short PB Lens – same superb optics in a short corridor design.

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