Designed and Produced by Robertson Optical's Digital Free-form Technology

Coze logoCOZE lensesCozē is Robertson Optical’s own privately-labeled brand of digitally surfaced back-side progressive lenses. Designed for optimal vision, the customized lenses feature soft and hard designs to meet every patient’s needs. Soft designs are ideal for first time progressive lens wearers who have low-to-medium add powers; the distance is clear with a wide and stable intermediate and instant adaptation. Hard designs are ideal for experienced wearers who have medium-to-high adds. Hard design lenses feature wider intermediate and near zones for visually demanding patients.

Cozē customized, progressive lenses will exceed the performance of conventional premium progressives and at a lower price.

C – Customized
O – Optical
Z – Zone
E – Enhancement

Cozē Soft
For first time wearers, this customized lens features a wide stable intermediate and near, and is recommended for low-to-medium add powers.

Cozē HDW
For seasoned progressive wearers, this innovative customized lens features wide distance for visually demanding users. Cozē HDW is recommended for adds 2.00 and above.

Cozē Single Vision
Cozē SV features an atoric digital back curve that improves any patient’s vision by creating edge-to-edge clarity that is not obtainable with standard single vision lenses.

Cozē ADL (advanced design lenses)
Cozē’s new compensated lenses brings personalization to patients. Using free form technology, the Rx is compensated for the patients unique frame angle, tilt, wrap and vertex.

Cozē Wrap
These backside digital PALs are designed for wrap frames.

Cozē Office Freeform
Ideal for Computer, Tablet and Desktop Use! For more information please visit the Cozē Office Freeform page.

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