Designed and Produced by Robertson Optical's Digital Free-form Technology


VISTA’s technology ranks among leading innovators in quality digital, free-form lens production.  Vista products include these back surface designs:


VISTA VMX (new!)

  • True free-form design, customizing each patient’s sphere, cylinder and axis
  • Fits as either a variable or fixed fitting height design
  • Integrates Position of Wear technology that tailors to each patient’s lenses based on frame selection, and can include specified measurements for panto, vertex and base or be automatically determined by the design’s default measurements
  • Designed with compensated technology, optimizing each patient’s RX
  • One flat price for all clear material; one flat price for all photochromic and polarized
  • Option of adding Royal AR or blue light reflective coatings for one flat price

 More details about Vista VMX below*



  • Soft design for first time wearers
  • Wide intermediate
  • Customized to each patients RX



  • Hard design for more seasoned wearers
  • Fits smaller frames
  • Customized to each patients RX



  • Blended design for wide distance and wide reading area
  • Advanced aspheric compensation in the intermediate and near zones
  • Customized to each patients RX


*Vista VMX is the newest member of Robertson Optical’s premium lens solution portfolio. The Vista VMX is an ideal pairing of premium lens technology with a simple packaged offering. Robertson provides the most advanced lens technology solutions at strategic pricing, thus driving both value and profitability to independent ECPs. The Vista VMX offering accomplishes that goal by combining an advanced free-form progressive lens design that offers multiple patient customization features and the ability maximize lens options like photochromic, polarized and premium anti-reflective coatings. The Vista VMX design creates a uniquely calculated pair of lenses that eliminates compromise.


Vista VMX Technology Details:
Minimum Fit Height: 13-35
Fitting Cross Location: 4mm
Details: Variable corridor lens with the option to specify the minimum fit height

Available Material Options*:
*These are with Royal (UltraClean, GARD, or Elite), and with RBTech or InvigorEyes
CR-39 Clear
Poly Clear
Trivex Clear
1.60 Clear
1.67 Clear
BluGARD 1.60  (New!)
1.50 Photofusion Gy/Brn
1.50 Transitions Gy/Brn
1.50 Transitions Vantage
Poly Photofusion Gy/Brn
Poly Transitions Gy/Brn
Poly Transitions XtraActive
Poly Transitions Vantage
Trivex Transitions Gy/Brn
1.60 Transitions Gy/Brn
1.60 Photofusion Gy/Brn
1.67 Transitions Gy/Brn
1.67 Photofusion Gy/Brn
1.67 Transitions XtraActive
CR-39 Polarized Gy/Brn
Poly Polarized Gy/Brn/Green
Trivex Polarized Gy/Brn


vist vmx

As part of the in-house processing of Vista, a CB Bond-e alloy digital blocker is used for blocking Vista lenses ready to be surfaced.

vist vmx

Vista lenses are surfaced on a HSC Smart XP digital lathe.

vista vmx

Laser engravings are applied to Vista lenses.

vist vmx

Vista VMX are polished using CCP Swift digital polishers.

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