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KODAK Progressive LensesKODAK progressive lenses

  • KODAK Unique DS Lenses
  • KODAK Unique & Unique HD Lenses
  • KODAK Precise Digital Lenses
  • KODAK Precise PB Lenses
  • KODAK Precise, Precise Short and Concise Lenses

KODAK Unique Lenses

KODAK unique lensesNow being produced by Robertson Optical’s in-house digital surfacing technology.  Digitally-created full-backside progressive now includes i-Sync™ Technology for increased clarity in the peripheral areas of the lens and reduced distortion to the lens edge. KODAK Unique Lenses are available in a large array of lens materials and six corridor lengths for convenient and efficient dispensing. Advanced variable decentration techniques applied to the KODAK Unique Lens design provide thin lenses for appealing eyewear.

KODAK Precise PB & Precise Short PB Lenses

KODAK Precise PB LensesKODAK Precise PB lenses are now being produced by Robertson Optical’s in-house digital surfacing technology.  KODAK Precise PB & Precise Short PB lenses are award-winning lens designs applied digitally to the backside of a lens blank. The wide near zone is perfectly placed to promote natural head and eye movement for up-close activities. This gives presbyopes the reading power they need, where they need it most. The intermediate zone transitions smoothly between distance and near while providing clear mid-range vision. The distance area is large and provides excellent optics. For small fashion frames, use KODAK Precise Short PB Lens – same superb optics in a short corridor design.

KODAK Unique DS Lenses

KODAK Unique LensesAdvanced computer technology ensures optical quality.

A fully digital dual-side progressive lens that offers significant improvement in the reading area for many prescriptions while providing excellent visual performance in the intermediate and distance viewing areas.

KODAK Lens IDS Practice Solution

Bring your practice to the next level by incorporating this new technology to help dispense easily and accurately, as well as, educate your patients on selection of lens design and materials, coatings and more using visual simulations. The complete KODAK Lens IDS Practice Solution includes three sections – Frame, Lens and Measure. Video coming soon.


KODAK CleAR™ and Clean’N’CleAR

KODAK clear lensesKODAK Clean’N’CleAR Anti-Reflective Coating carries one of the most respected brands in the world. Designed and tested by Signet Armorlite, it provides the quality you and your patients expect from a brand like Kodak.



Photoviews lensesPhotoViews™ lenses are an incredible advance over the previous generation of photochromic lenses like SunSensors®, offering better all-around performance with 8x faster fade times and full direct UV protection. PhotoViews lenses should be your go-to option for price-conscious patients that are ready for photochromic lenses.

› Comfortable vision in any light
› Full direct UV protection
› Available in a variety of lens designs
› Gray and Brown
› 8X faster fade time than SunSensors

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