Featuring Mirror Coating and Backside AR

Robertson Optical’s privately-labeled POLAR+ is a new product that offers mirror coating with backside AR and backside UV. The POLAR+ package can be applied to any polarized lens produced in house by Robertson Optical Labs.

This is a premium lens solution designed with the consumer in mind. The POLAR+ lens offers the most advanced protection against the sun with desired cosmetics and a price point that is affordable. Patients are requesting mirrors, and Robertson is meeting these requests with the benefits of polarization and the anti-glare properties of advanced backside AR and backside UV.

Mirror coatings now include:

mirror coatings chart

POLAR+ logo

These are just 4 samples of the 13 mirror coatings offered by POLAR+:

anti-reflect-gold anti-reflect-silver

anti-reflect-green anti-reflect-blue

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