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BluGARD Technology:

  • protects against UV and HEV Blue Light (Blue Violet.)
  • is not a coating.  The UV and HEV protection is inherent in the lens material.
  • selectively filters HEV Blue Light (Blue Violet) which can lead to Digital Eye Strain and may cause permanent damage to the eye.
  • allows transmittance of the essential Blue Light (Blue Turquoise) which positively  contributes to memory, and cognitive function.
  • is available with or without Anti-Reflective Coating.
  • is available in impact resistant poly, 1.56, and 1.60 in the below lens offering:

BluGARD chart

1.60 BluGARD Lens Technology:


Blu-GardRobertson Optical Labs’ BluGard lens technology selectively filters HEV blue light (more specifically blue-violet light) which may lead to digital eye strain and permanent eye damage. While filtering this harmful light, BluGARD allows the transmittance of essential blue light (blue turquoise) that has positive effects on a patients’ sleep patterns, cognitive function and memory.

BluGARD is not a coating, but the UV and HEV protection is inherent in the lens material.

This new, cutting-edge technology has been very well received by ECPs because of its remarkable health and eye-health benefits. ECPs want to ensure that their patients’ eyes are protected against bad blue light while allowing healthy blue light that is vital.

BluGARD lenses are available in impact-resistant 1.56 SV that has passed the ANSI-Z87.1 high velocity impact test. They are offered with or without AR coating.

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