Comfy Cozē
Eyecare Business

Published August 2010


Robertson Optical Laboratories, Inc., has introduced its own brand of customized free-form lenses. Cozē (Customized Optical Zone Enhancement) lenses offer up to 30 percent wider viewing in all zones compared to traditional premium PALs, according to company representatives. Cozē Soft, designed for first-time PAL wearers, features wide, stable intermediate and near viewing, and is recommended for low to medium add powers.

Cozē HDW for seasoned PAL wearers offers wide distance viewing and is recommended for add powers +2.00D and above. Cozē Single Vision features an atoric back curve, creating edge-to-edge visual clarity. The lenses are available in CR39 plastic, Trivex, 1.60, and 1.67 materials, and in Transitions Grey and Brown and Polarized Grey and Brown. Corridor lengths are 28mm to 14mm.

INFO: 800-929-2765,

By Karlen McLean, A.B.O.C., N.C.L.C.